Advanced Sales Effectiveness

In this course, participants will learn how to plan and manage their time and territory through handling work effectively, prioritizing visits and dealing with interruptions. Participants will be able to identify the real problem when facing challenges and come up with potential innovative actions to make the right decision and obtain the best results. In addition, participants will learn how to build strong professional relationships, including the Adoption Ladder strategy which is based on using the proper sales dialogue to swiftly reach an advanced stage in the adoption process when communicating with customers. The course also enables participants to have a systematic approach to manage and grow the organization’s key accounts to maximize value and achieve goals.

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Advanced Sales Effectiveness course is comprised of the following workshops (click each for more details):



Through taking a goal-focused approach, this workshop helps medical representatives plan and increase their available time to productive work in order to cover all the customers in their territory. They will also learn techniques that will assist them to handle work effectively, prioritize their visits according to importance, deal with interruptions, and determine individual goals. This workshop will ensure that they have overview and control of their time and complete cover of their customer list. It will provide them with specific techniques in order to produce visible results.


This workshop will illustrate the basics of setting call objectives to doctors according to the Personality Style to reach Adoption. Adoption ladder workshop helps maintain a logical sales dialogue with the doctor, designed to move him/her quickly to a more advanced stage in the adoption process. It helps the medical representatives in selecting and using the most appropriate promotional material and activities to advance the doctor’s behavior through the adoption ladder.

Pharmaceutical Market Dynamics are consistently evolving and models of patients’ access to healthcare services are changing. It is crucial to understand how products are now sold and how they are going to be sold in the future years. Participants will learn how to adopt KAM, understand the market dynamics in which the account performs in, prioritize accounts, and understand the strategic and process to determine critical customer groups, and address their needs. The workshop will help attendees to build account plan/strategies and tactics, negotiate with key accounts, and identify the needed capabilities to be a successful KAM and how to discover them in a recruitment process.


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