Pharmaceutical Platform

The Pharmaceutical Business Management Programs were established with an objective of catering to the training needs of people skills in the pharmaceutical field. These programs help participants excel in their jobs and put them on the right track towards greater responsibilities and equip them with the tools needed to reach advanced positions. In turn, this will enable companies to master key areas central to their growth in order to fulfill and sustain their long-term goals, while still accounting for the safety and performance of the communities they serve.

3Summits takes pride in the collaboration it had with top institutions in the area, such as The American University of Beirut AUB – CEC by developing the first Pharmaceutical Business Management Programs in the Middle East region.

Institutions and participants interested in developing themselves through this platform are offered three types of training services: 

  • Programs
  • Courses
  • Workshops

These services cover the wide range of business needs within the pharmaceutical realm, providing value for fresh talents, medical representatives, supervisors, managers as well as top executives. 

The training services can also be offered on-demand to companies looking for private training tailored to meet their specific needs. The Pharmaceutical Business Management Programs can be customized to cater to each company’s goals and the trainees’ development needs.

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