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If you were given the choice between three different pilots—one received the education but was not trained, one received the education and was trained, the third has neither —which one would you choose? But what if there was no "up-front” cost for the untrained pilot?

Look at it now from the organizational perspective. What is the value of training for organizational survival and growth?

3Summits has been working with organizations from different sectors to build capacity of their staff. Building the capacity of people in the organization is an essential part of any program implementation. We offer a range of training courses to suit the needs of a particular organization, and work closely with organizations to develop programs that are highly effective and applicable to the context in which the participants are working in.

Depending on the needs and wishes of an organization, 3Summits focuses on improving business productivity, employee performance, employee morale, and employee retention. We customize our training courses to meet the needs of your ever changing business environment. ​

The descriptions we share on this website are generic, for customized training, we create workshops that better match your company’s specific needs: recombine, modify, or amend existing modules.

Other workshops may be offered, please contact us for specific requests.



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Marketing Management

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing is the sum of marketing and communication strategies targeted for stakeholders on digital channels. It has taken a greater place in the past decades due to its potential in reaching and monitoring the brand-stakeholder relationship. The Digital Marketing course allows you to better understand the intricacies of digital media, keep an eye on your ROI and learn more about social listening tools to keep you up to speed with the latest in any industry.

  • Marketing for Non-Marketers

    This module provides all non-marketers with the necessary tools to understand all aspects of the marketing function and to deal effectively with its integration with other organizational forces. Good knowledge of the marketing function can promote better mutual understanding and improved communication which can result in a more fruitful exchange. Delegates will end up fully understanding the function of marketing, its value, role and purpose.

  • Effective Telephone Communication Skills

    In this training, participants will gain and apply effective telephone communication skills. They will learn how to handle customers’ requests and complaints on the telephone. The module focuses on the basic guidelines for answering the phone, how to portray a positive image, improving voice characteristics and communication skills, basic telephone etiquette, tips for voice mail messages, and other methods for more effective use of the telephone. Participants will understand the importance of these skills in delivering outstanding customer service.

  • Outstanding Customer service

    This course is designed to familiarize participants with customer service and the crucial role it plays for the success of the organization. Throughout the training / workshop participants will learn and apply effective customer service strategies and techniques in order to provide outstanding customer value and build loyalty.

  • Handling Customers’ Complaints and Building Customer Value

    In this training, participants will learn and apply the skills of effective negotiations and handling customers’ complaints. They will acquire and utilize the needed techniques for identifying and dealing with different styles of customer behaviors and handling common customers’ concerns and complaints. Participants will use effective service recovery strategies that exceed customers’ expectations. Eventually, the workshop is designed to offer essential win-win strategies that build customers’ value and long-term relationships.

Business Skills

  • Forecasting and Target Setting

    Many businesses often fail to set accurate sales targets. A common method is to simply look at the previous year’s revenue and add what appears to be a reasonable rate of growth. However, this does not take into consideration any changing variables such a market volatility, a new product line, or expand into a new geography, and therefore can lead to an unreasonable, unattainable figure.

  • Microsoft Office Software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access…)

    This includes several workshops, each pertaining to one Microsoft Office Software. In each workshop, participants will learn the skills and tools needed to demonstrate the correct application and take full advantage of the Software’s features. The Software environment will be explained along with the methods of completing independent tasks using the basic and powerful features of the Software.

  • English Business Writing

    This workshop highlights the best practices to write clear, effective professional letters, e-mails, reports and other business documents. The workshop also discusses what you should and should not do when preparing any business written communication. Common errors will be discussed along with how they can be avoided. By the end of the workshop, attendees will learn a structured approach to get the essential writing skills that they need in order to communicate clearly and confidently in what they write on the job.

  • Forecasting and Budgeting

    Forecasting and budgeting are essential disciplines for a business to grow and survive in today’s dynamic environment. This workshop will allow participants to explore different forecasting and trending methods. It will also provide them with the necessary techniques and confidence to effectively manage and control their budget and reduce risk in decision making and recommendations through qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Conflict Management and Negotiation

  • Advanced Negotiation and Communication Skills

    This "must-take” seminar is a complete psycho-commercial based and applied training program of "Negotiation skills & Gimmicks” actually used in modern and traditional trade dealing with sales, retail, distribution and services industries. It aims at helping attendees understand their personalities and those of their interlocutors and accordingly build chemistry to successfully plan, prepare and conduct the face-to-face negotiation "game” that yield to signing win / win commercial agreements / understandings. Attendees will learn different gimmicks, closing techniques and learn various types of discounts & allowances used to enhance their sales & marketing bargaining power, whether being a buyer or a seller.

  • Strategic Negotiation

    Maximizing value is at the core of every effective negotiation. In daily interactions from the home to the boardroom, negotiation is an art necessary for gaining value. An effective negotiator is able to maximize and sustain value for all parties at the table: not only ensuring a win for his/her own organization but also building long-term relations. 3Summits’ Strategic Negotiation workshop will provide your team with the tools necessary to prepare for, engage in, and gain the greatest value possible from any negotiation. Through a combination of interactive lectures, negotiation role-plays and simulations, and skill-building exercises, you learn how to negotiate strategically and build long-term value for yourself and your organization.

  • Negotiation and Conflict Management

    This workshop will allow attendees to understand the underlying causes of conflict and identify ways to develop flexible responses to personal and professional conflicts. Attendees will also practice applying models, techniques and strategies to manage their interpersonal communication behaviors in conflict situations. The attendees will also learn negotiation styles by developing the necessary skills and techniques required to negotiate.

Human Resources

  • HR for non-HR Managers

    You do not always have the expertise to deal with the many employee relationship issues you face, and yet you will be expected to make decisions that are both effective and legal. This workshop will walk you through the hiring process, from performing a skills inventory to conducting the interview; discuss orientation; and cover some issues that arise after the hiring process (such as diversity issues, compensation, and discipline).

  • Human Resources Excellence

    Managing the HR function in an organization requires the use of many skills, including the ability to manage yourself and others, and the ability to make informed decisions and solve problems effectively. This Program will enable HR professionals to develop critical skills within the main functions of HR: Resourcing, Service Delivery, Performance Management, Learning and Development, and Reward. The Program is highly interactive and practical, with delegates involved in group activities, role-plays and exercises to develop and enhance their skills.

  • Job Analysis and Job Evaluation

    The course should equip staff on the advanced skills of Job evaluation and job analysis. It should give the theoretical framework on how to do it, why to do it and when to do it. It should also equip staff on the latest market thinking and a toolkit and framework should be provided inclusive of accreditation or assessment of competence to do the job evaluation.

  • Human Resources Excellence

    Managing the human resources function in an organization requires the use of many skills, including the ability to manage yourself and others and the ability to make informed decisions and solve problems effectively. This Program will enable human resources professionals to develop critical skills within the main functions of HR: resourcing, service delivery, performance management, learning and development, and reward.

  • Successful Interviewing and Recruitment

    This training is essential for any manager having the responsibility of interviewing and recruiting potential job candidates. It guides participants on how to structure the interview, spot exceptional candidates and hire only the best who will add value to their business. The workshop offers participants the practical skills of successful interviewing and effective recruitment.

  • Performance Management

    The process of Performance Management allows managers and supervisors to use tools and processes to enable staff to do their best work. This workshop is designed to give an overview of the guidelines and tools to support managers in effectively reviewing and managing the performance of their employees. This is accomplished by setting and communicating of clear goals and objectives, ensuring that the employees have the training and development needed to effectively do their jobs, providing ongoing feedback and coaching, which should be accompanied by evaluating their progress through periodic performance reviews.

  • HR for non-HR managers

    As managers, it is essential that they be aware of the importance and challenge for an organization to attract, recruit, develop, motivate and retain its people. In this workshop, participants will acquire the importance of HR from a strategic perspective, learn how HR planning and organization planning are interlinked in addition to learning the core components of the employee lifecycle including Job Analysis and Descriptions, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Performance Management, Remuneration and Compensation

  • Human Capital Management

    In this workshop presents the latest trends in the human resource field and the changing role of the human resource professional. Attendees will gain an understanding of the importance of HR from a strategic perspective. Moreover, this workshop will walk you through the hiring process, from performing a skills inventory to conducting the interview; discuss orientation; and cover some issues that arise after the hiring process (such as diversity issues, compensation, and discipline).

Interpersonal Skills

  • Communication through Body Language

    Body language is what most people “hear” in a speech at the work place. The ability to align thoughts with gestures is a skill that advances anyone’s communication skills. Just like any vocation, body language should be constantly practiced thus it is essential to understand one’s own and others mannerism and how it’s being interpreted.

  • The Art of Effective Communication

    This highly interactive workshop is specifically designed to introduce participants to important communication skills. Effective communication is key to having good relations on both personal and professional levels. This workshop provides the guiding essentials for positive and effective communication. You learn to acquire the necessary skills to influence and persuade. The workshop will help attendees implement emotionally intelligent insights to improve personal decision making and professional contributions, allowing people to resolve effectively conflicts and achieve greater satisfaction at work.

  • Design Thinking and Intrapreneurship

    "Innovate or die” is a popular slogan for business innovation. The need to innovate has become crucial in the 21st century where business operates in a complicated and fast changing world. The participants will go through the process of design thinking after they have identified a real problem they face in their work. They will use all the elements of the design thinking process to come up with a suitable solution for their problem. Design thinking and innovative problem solving use deep customer understanding, problem framing, a range of ideation techniques, iterative prototyping, and critique to generate and develop implementable concepts that meet user needs. Moreover, the participants will be exposed to the concepts of Intrapreneurship and will gain practical skills in Intrapreneurship that they can use to innovate within their organization.

  • Self-Motivation

    This workshop differentiates between external and internal motivation with emphasis on how one can fuel the flames of self-motivation. It sheds the light on the secret of highly successful people by being persistent, believing in themselves, and self-motivated to determine successful outcomes. The workshop stresses the importance of having a "mission”, "vision”, "personal branding”, and "SMART goal setting”. Through reflecting on their values, participants will get insights on primary drivers that are propelling enough to take small actions that lead to massive results. A powerful demonstration challenging hesitation & effecting positive change will empower participants to become truly unstoppable in thriving on personal and professional levels. Tips on how to keep self-motivated and remain active to succeed are provided.

  • Public speaking and Presentation Skills

    The goal of the workshop is to introduce participants to the international standards of creating a presentation. Participants will discuss the components of a good speech or presentation and will eventually develop their own. As they work through the activities, they will write presentations in class. They will be introduced to a variety of delivery techniques that include building rapport with the audience, using body language and humor, and facilitating a question and answer session. Participants do not need to have any prior experience; they only need a desire to improve their presentation skills.

  • Performing under Pressure

    By understanding what stress is and what their own sources of pressure are, attendees will be able to develop action plans for reducing stress when situations are intense. By the end of this workshop, they will build a foundation upon which to make healthier lifestyle choices and develop techniques to help increase levels of self-motivation.

  • Communication Skills

    This workshop will allow attendees to develop effective verbal and written communication skills and will enable them to communicate with precision and clarity in a concise and interesting manner. Attendees will be better able to influence others and convince customers by building better professional relationships.

  • Attitudes and Mindset

    This training highlights the importance of attitude in our daily life from the business and personal point of view. Attendees will learn what attitude is, its importance in achieving goals in addition to understanding the innate tools for developing a positive attitude and a winning mindset. By the end of the training, participants will be able to have a better focus in their daily work & better communicate with others by applying new strategies to regain PMA (positive mental attitude).

  • Emotional Intelligence

    This workshop will help attendees to better understand how emotions impact our daily lives, our happiness and our well-being. They will grasp the importance of understanding their own emotions and how they are impacting their self-acceptance, their relationships and their decisions. Through this workshop they will learn some simple ways by which they can gain more understanding of their emotions in order to start managing them better. They will also learn the main aspects of building strong trustworthy relationships and good decision making.

Management and Supervisory Skills

  • Applied Project Management

    The course addresses how vital information for successful project management can be identified, monitored, documented and balanced. It covers the development of a project baseline to enable efficient compilation and timely generation of performance comparisons This is a highly interactive workshop that usually marks a milestone in the roadmap for the development of project management. Participants will be able to develop a comprehensive project plan.

  • Change Management

    This workshop tackles participants how to develop the skills to proactively address change and meet the challenges of transition in the workplace. Participants will work with various employees to overcome the problems encountered when making changes in your organization. Participants will also learn how to develop the ability to effectively handle organizational changes by examining the transition process and understanding their own, and others, needs and responses to each phase.

  • Supervisory Skills for First Time Leaders

    In this training, first time managers and supervisors will obtain the necessary knowledge and the practical skills on how to manage and lead people in their teams – getting the best results from them and dealing with any people problems that may arise. This training is designed to make it easier by going into the main actions that managers have to carry out to get things done through people, namely: planning effectively, organizing, team building, leading, motivating, handling people problems, and controlling.

  • Management Skills for New Managers

    This course will provide the crucial foundational skills to shift from being an individual contributor to a well-respected manager who can achieve team success and drive bottom-line performance. The trainee will be able to improve on key weakness areas, play to his strengths and get the best results from every member of his team.

  • The Middle Manager

    The Middle Manager is often called the “Sandwich layer” as he ensures the link between the “ground” and the “administration”. This workshop helps attendees understand the concept of “management” and “organization” through learning best practices in managing information, establishing control process, using organizational strategies and decision making. Managing people successfully is not an easy task especially if the Manager does not show a sense of Leadership and spread Trust and solidarity within his team members.

  • Management Skills for Supervisors

    Develop the crucial management tools to help fully lead and motivate the team to higher productivity. This workshop will equip the supervisors with proven supervisory techniques that they can put into action immediately. The skills supervisors use to plan, organize, communicate and monitor will become part of the toolkit to effectively manage everyday interactions with greater ease. They will learn to apply the most appropriate supervisory style to each individual and situation, and to leverage both their hard skills and their people skills to meet the new challenges with increased confidence, respect and power.

Selling Skills

  • Basic Selling Skills

    To be a successful sales person, mastering how to sell is a must. This comprehensive workshop introduces selling techniques and prepares the delegates for a variety of sales environments. Psychology is one of the main components of this workshop. There is an emphasis on customer loyalty which is responsible for most sales and long term profitability of any business. In this workshop, attendees will learn all the Selling Skills essential for their success. Mainly this workshop will cover: The basic sales process, General Skills every salesperson should have, Sales models, Maintaining customer relationships. The behavioral part of sales, - Buyer Behavior, Behavioral analysis, Buyer tactics, The art of Closing the sale, Putting customer care into practice, Handling objections in sales, etc..

  • Advanced Selling Skills

    As Competition is growing more and more with a limited target audience and customers, Advanced Selling Skills takes selling skills to a higher level where chances of gaining the business are more likely to happen. In a highly competitive environment, every minor aspect of selling becomes more important. As products and services become more alike, or can answer the same needs in different ways, it is the sales process that makes the difference. This course provides advanced skills to ensure the maximum opportunity for a competitive edge in the sales force.

  • Excellence in Sales Communication Skills

    Rapidly changing market conditions and heightened customer’s expectation are redefining the roles of people in organizations and the sales process into a modern framework. Today’s more demanding customers expect the workforce to create and communicate a consistent and convincing concept of value at every step of the selling process. Therefore, in this training, participants will obtain and apply practical interpersonal techniques and persuasive communication strategies in the personal selling process. Using effective questioning, listening, observing, and problem identification and solving methods, participants will be able to attract and retain customers and build long-term relationships. The training will equip the participants with the necessary skills needed in the value-based sales process such as prospecting, approach, need identification, presentation, problem solving and negotiation, closing, and servicing the sales.

  • Optimizing Sales Effectiveness

    In General, Optimizing Sales Effectiveness is tailored to meet the variable needs of different industries. In this course, participants will learn verbal and non-verbal communication skills that sell, the essentials of strategic selling, characteristics of a successful salesperson, the sales process and selling skills, persuasive sales presentations, key account management,... This course will cover essential and crucial skills including product positioning strategies, identification of customers’ needs, prospecting and lead generation, approaching the customers effectively,.. Based on company’s needs, the focus will either be on Business-to-business (B2B) sales or Business-to-consumer (B2C) sales.

  • Personal Banking Selling Skills

    The purpose of this workshop is to provide Personal Bankers with the opportunity to develop solid basic sales approach and a satisfying client servicing. This workshop content is based on improving selling skills by learning efficient sales techniques actually used in the modern banking sector worldwide. It is designed for those Personal Bankers who have little to moderate sales process understanding.

  • Indoor Sales in Modern Retail

    A complete basic Sales-based training program actually used in modern Retail stores. It aims at showing attendees how to sell, serve, satisfy and retain our customers in a highly competitive environments This workshop helps organizations train, develop and grow maturity and professionalism of their Sales Reps through using and implementing selling skills, Communication Skills & modern Customer Service techniques in order to develop and practice systematic approaches for client servicing, handling and retention.


  • High Performance Leadership

    Extraordinary business results are produced in organizations that have extraordinary leaders This workshop is designed for managers, looking to sharpen their leadership capabilities, aspiring to learn more about themselves and interested in using their influencing skills to manage and lead others. The workshop takes the participants on a journey of self-discovery and self-reflection and teaches them strategies and skills that will make them shine and thrive in their jobs as well as in their personal lives. They will learn to build healthy working relationships with direct managers, and professional relationships with peers. Moreover, they will learn effective skills, behaviors and practical solutions that will enhance their ability to lead and influence others

  • Situational Leadership

    Situational Leadership workshop teaches leaders to use the appropriate leadership style in response to the needs of the person and the situation. In this program, you will learn a new language for leadership that will help you increase the quality and quantity of conversations you have with your team members, accelerate their development, increase their performance, and support autonomy. Becoming a Situational Leader will allow you to partner with those you lead, giving them what they need to succeed.

  • Team Building and Group Dynamics

    The world we live in require continuous response to change, therefore, the team needs to adapt easily to changing conditions. In this workshop, the participant will develop the skills necessary to be an effective team leader and member. This workshop provides a successful team development process that facilitates the development of a new team or the revitalization of an existing team. It focuses on appreciating team members and the valuable skill set they bring to the group whilst recognizing the need to retain and capitalize on each individual’s thought process. Team leader will be able to identify non-team players and help them join their team. The participant will learn to enhance the potential of his/her team to become more effective, productive, and committed. Participants will acknowledge the benefits of good group dynamics, and how it can positively impact business efficiency and decrease the amount of time lost as a result of both conflict and stress. This workshop will help attendees gain the confidence and ability to deal effectively with challenging team situations.


  • Leadership Team Coaching

    The objective of this work is to assist the leadership team members to come together in a more powerful way in order to address the requirements of their common mission and build them into a high functioning team The philosophy for Team Coaching is built around the fact that when coaching a Leadership Team, we begin with a working definition of “the effective team” built upon the best and most exciting research in the field. Coaches work with teams as a collective body to address the critical dimensions of their success With an extensive toolkit of activities, structured discussions, and exercises, coach engages with teams around the Five Dimensions , offering observations and insights to the whole team in real time. We challenge and support team members and team leaders to take common responsibility for making the shifts needed for optimal performance. When engaging with teams, we focus always on business impact and the shared endeavor of the team, working the connections between team members, and between the team and its external stakeholders. As such, we are coaching people in the context of a busy team, a complex organization and competitive markets, surrounded by a sustaining ecosystem.

  • Coaching the Coach

    Every individual can reach higher levels of performance, including the average and best performers. What individuals need is a manager who can coach: someone who can routinely observe, assess, and interact in ways that develop and maximize their individual effectiveness. This workshop will help managers challenge their best performers into better results, integrate coaching into their daily interaction with people, and raise their potential and level of performance and get the most out of their team.

  • The Art of Coaching

    This workshop will allow participants to identify the values and priorities in life, after which they will learn how to craft a plan and develop practices to move forward in their lives, to attain both their personal and professional goals. It will help leave attendees with tools and actions that can make them surpass their limitations to improve the quality of their lives and stay fulfilled throughout.


  • Process Validation

    Process Validation is a key requirement of Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and API regulations. A comprehensive, well thought-out approach to validation is a critical element of any company’s approach to meeting European, US and Worldwide regulatory requirements. This course gives attendees a good grounding in the practices and principles of process validation and expectations of regulatory bodies, such as the US FDA, in relation to process validation.

  • Development of Immediate Release Tablet & Capsules Dosage Forms

    Pharmaceutical development is an interesting branch in pharmaceutical industry. Developing a rugud robust formulation is the objective of industry. This requires oversight of the whole Developing solid pharmaceutical product is not just a formula development. It is a complete journey of development. In this workshop, we will go in depth through pharmaceutical development cycle. This will cover formulation development, analytical development, package development, developing specifications, regulatory submission, scale up issues, how to overcome technical problems during development/scale up. The course is designed to provide technical know how about the development cycle from scratch to successful launch of the product.

  • Design of Experiments (DOE)

    This course is appropriate for anyone interested in designing, conducting and analyzing experiments. Participants will learn how to build and check a model, understand experimental analysis and experimental design essentials. They will be able to identify the variables that have the greatest impact on product-level quality, and apply the fundamentals of designed experiments. Participants will know how to use simple graphical techniques to analyze data.

  • GSPD

    The workshop will go over the GSDP guidelines that are put to ensure the quality and identity of pharmaceutical products and FMCG during the whole distribution process. Furthermore, it sets out appropriate steps to assist in fulfilling the responsibilities involved in the different aspects of the distribution process within the supply chain. The Lebanese guidelines are issued, according to the guidelines and instructions of the World Health Organization, by the Lebanese Ministry of Health, which stresses the importance of adhering to it by all parties involved in any aspect of the distribution of products, as relevant to the particular role that they play, from the premises of the manufacturer of the product to the person dispensing or providing pharmaceutical products and GSDP directly to a patient or his agent.

  • Regulatory Affairs - MENA

    Regulatory affairs play a pivotal and ever-expanding strategic role in the success of brands and companies. This workshop will provide comprehensive knowledge of regulatory affairs practices in the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on filling requirements and detailing review processes and registration strategies. The workshop will cover current registration guidelines for new drug application, variations, packaging and labeling, as well as insights on regulatory best practices.