Leadership Hub

 Leading with Impact

This program essential for leaders, experienced managers, and executives who aspire to improve their professional performance, enabling them to effectively and efficiently lead their team and to gain practical skills and confidence in how to lead. The modules combine strong informative aspects with immersive practical exercise and workshops to empower participants to positively influence their mindsets, reaping impactful results for their teams, their organizations, and themselves.

The program covers five main modules that trigger a more positive attitude helping attendees to handle the many requirements and demands at the workplace in general and with team in specific.

Module I: Master your psychology

Module II: Skillful Communication - Influence & Persuasion

Module III: Coaching Skills for Leaders

Module IV: Emotional Intelligence

 Module V: Leadership Journey




Executive assessment centers (AC):

Designing & building tailor made ACs applying Kienbaum registered tools, EQi2, Winslow behavioral assessments, MBTI, Leadership circles, and Kets De Vries 360 inventories.


Designing & building Performance appraisal cycles & Talent development programs


Leadership Team Coaching

The objective of this work is to assist the leadership team members to come together in a more powerful way in order to address the requirements of their common mission and build them into a high functioning team.


With an extensive toolkit of activities, structured discussions, and exercises, coach engages with teams, offering observations and insights to the whole team in real time.

We challenge and support team members and team leaders to take common responsibility for making the shifts needed for optimal performance. We are coaching people in the context of a busy team, a complex organization and competitive markets, surrounded by a sustaining ecosystem.


Change Management Consulting

Corporate Government enhancement for family businesses
Rightsizing : Structuring and gearing up the organization for its future challenges
Climate transformation : The trigger for culture change



Leadership training

Leadership soft skills interactive workshops in 3 modules focusing on change management , interpersonal & intrapersonal skills as well as psychological safety for more efficient teams