Pharmaceutical Business Management Programs

3Summits training services cover the wide range of soft skills and technical business needs in the pharmaceutical realm. We have developed training programs that target medical representatives, supervisors, managers, and executives. 

3Summits can also build a workshop to better match your company’s specific needs: recombine, modify, or amend existing modules.

1- Successful Medical Representative  

In this program, participants will receive the proper training and preparation necessary to succeed as medical representatives. It combines strong informative aspects with immersive practical exercise and workshops. 3Summits’ experts deliver practical workshops though active learning. 


The Pharmaceutical program requires the successful completion of the following four courses:



Course 1: Beyond of Selling

Course 2: Keys to Communication Excellence

Course 3: Advanced Sales Effectiveness

Course 4: Keys to Successful Market Dynamics


2- Pharmaceutical Market Management 

The Pharmaceutical Market Management program enables participants to successfully lead their teams while taking into consideration the overall business operation. It requires the successful completion of the following four courses:


Course 1: Keys to Management & Supervisory Skills

Course 2: Leading with Impact

Course 3: Mastering Marketing Tactics

Course 4: Building Blocks for Successful Management

3- Pharmaceutical Business Management 


The pharmaceutical Business Management Program enables participants to develop the skills and knowledge needed to successfully manage the business in all its aspects and ensure it meets its goals.

The pharmaceutical Business Management Program requires the successful completion of the following four courses:

Course 1: Mastering Leadership

Course 2: Pyramid of Marketing

Course 3: Strategic Thinking

Course 4: Keys to Managing Operational Performance

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