Building Blocks for Successful Management


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Building Blocks for Successful Management course is comprised of the following workshops (click each for more details):


Forecasting and budgeting are essential disciplines for a business to grow and survive in today’s dynamic environment. Forecasting and budgeting are among the most important business skills required by organization, however for many managers, with a non-financial background, managing the numbers could be quite challenging.

This training provides participants with the knowledge needed to effectively understand and manage the financial planning exercise by building solid forecast and setting the appropriate budget leading to a healthy income statement for their business.

Participants will be able to select the most appropriate forecasting approach for both new and existing products, Understand the role of forecasting and budgeting in the planning process, and be able to monitor and effectively manage the changes vs. plan.

This workshop provides people with a non-financial background the knowledge required to understand and effectively manage the required forecasting and budgeting tasks.

"Innovate or die” is a popular slogan for business innovation. The need to innovate has become crucial in the 21st century where business operates in a complicated and fast changing world. The participants will go through the process of design thinking after they have identified a real problem they face in their work. They will use all the elements of the design thinking process to come up with a suitable solution for their problem. Design thinking and innovative problem solving use deep customer understanding, problem framing, a range of ideation techniques, iterative prototyping, and critique to generate and develop implementable concepts that meet user needs. Moreover, the participants will be exposed to the concepts of Intrapreneurship and will gain practical skills in Intrapreneurship that they can use to innovate within their organization.

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