Keys to Best Operational Performance

In this course, participants will acquire the importance of Human Resources from a strategic perspective and learn the core components of the employee life-cycle needed for the proper acquisition and retention of talent to sustain growth. In addition, this course provides the attendees with a clear and concise understanding of the role played by Regulatory Affairs and how they can interfere to improve matters. Moreover, participants will examine the design and performance of supply chain categories and processes in different business contexts and know their benefits and risks which help them in lowering the incurred cost of each. The course will also equip participants with the skills needed to strategically manage change by understanding the organization’s competitive environment and align it with its performance expectations
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Keys to Best Operational Performance course is comprised of the following workshops (click each for more details):


The pharmaceutical industry being a knowledge-based industry, a key differentiator and a challenge for an organization is how well it can attract, recruit, develop, motivate and retain its people. With the changing global model, there is a strong need of a new band of human resources that have a combination of managerial and technical skills in the pharmaceutical sector. Human resources management has to develop innovative strategies to face the challenge of acquisition and retention of talent to sustain growth.

Since the Supply Chain Management has emerged as the new key to productivity and competitiveness of manufacturing and service enterprises, this workshop has been prepared to provide an overview on the activities covered by Supply Chain world. The importance of this area is shown by a significant spurt in research in the last five years and also proliferation of supply chain solutions (Enterprise resource planning systems) and the increase of supply chain companies.

Participant will gain a greater understanding of the financial objectives of their business and translate them into action in their corresponding functional area. In addition, participants will learn how to work out the financial implications of their day-to-day decisions which allows them to take decisions that have a positive impact on financial objectives of the business. This workshop will also help the attendees make better use of resources allocated to their divisions and sharpen financial skills and competencies for business success.

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