Keys to Communication Excellence

Target Audience
Medical Representatives

28 hours

This course is designed to enable participants to communicate with precision and clarity. It equips them with presentation skills through which they will develop their own presentation style and enhance their techniques for eliciting audience involvement. Moreover, participants will learn powerful negotiation techniques that have maximum impact in daily negotiations with different parties, along with tools necessary for managing emotionally charged work situations.  Participants will also learn about the factors that hinder productivity and will analyze their own response to pressure; upon which they will develop action plans to mitigate such factors and reduce stress.

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Keys to Communication Excellence course is comprised of the following workshops (click each for more details):


Effective communication skills are essential for medical representatives. Day-to-day tasks such as coordinating with others, solving problems, dealing with stakeholders (doctors, pharmacists…) require effective communication.

This workshop enables participants to communicate with precision and clarity in a concise and interesting manner. It will help participants build strong professional relationships at work, through which they can influence others to take the right actions. The workshop will provide specific tools to use so that participants can apply the principles they learn to their work and life.

This workshop will illustrate to participants how to deliver a clear, convincing, and above all memorable presentation. Through practice and discussion, they will develop their own unique presentation style and enhance their techniques for eliciting audience’s (doctors, colleagues, etc...) response and involvement. They will discover how to confidently use presentations as a powerful part of their personal communication strategy.

This workshop is designed to familiarize participants with in-person and over the phone customer service and the crucial role it plays for the success of the organization.

Throughout the training/workshop participants will learn and apply effective customer service strategies and techniques in order to provide outstanding customer value and build loyalty. It will highlight the role of the service provider and the importance of attitude, behavior, and professionalism

By analyzing their own response to pressure, this workshop illustrates to medical representatives how to focus their energies toward positive results. They will learn about the factors that hinder productivity and discover ways of mitigating such factors in them and in others. The workshop also allows attendees to develop action plans for living a healthier lifestyle and for reducing stress when situations are intense.

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