Keys to Successful Market Dynamics


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Keys to Successful Market Dynamics course is comprised of the following workshops (click each for more details):


During this workshop, the medical representatives will be exposed to an overview of marketing activities and players within a typical pharmaceutical company. The workshop defines why marketing is needed and what marketers do, as well as how they interact with other internal and external stakeholders to achieve their goals. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the buying psychology that motivates today’s prospective buyers, and how to offer high-value prospective customer experiences and aligned sales marketing engagements to ensure they can reach their objectives. The workshop also discusses how marketers create promotional material for various market segments by understanding the customer needs and behaviors and how they ultimately market measure their success.

This workshop will help the attendees understand the holistic approach of an event in terms of preparations, follow up, and feedback. Medical representatives will be exposed to different tools and exercises in order to assist them in their daily work activities related to events and their management.

Prerequisite: Presentation Skills
Managing relations with KOLs has been always a challenging day-to-day interaction which should be coordinated and worked out at different corporate levels and processes. The delegates will Identify, prioritize, segment, profile and validate the right KOLs from all relevant geographies based on their involvement in journal publications, congresses, clinical trials and various affiliations.

Prerequisite: Communication Skills
This workshop is designed to enable participants to build and define a marketing and sales approach that will allow them to better reach and engage customers in the pharmaceutical market. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the buying psychology that motivates today’s prospective buyers.
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