Leading with Impact

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Leading with Impact course is comprised of the following workshops (click each for more details):


Extraordinary business results are produced in organizations that have extraordinary leaders This workshop is designed for managers, looking to sharpen their leadership capabilities, aspiring to learn more about themselves and interested in using their influencing skills to manage and lead others. The workshop takes the participants on a journey of self-discovery and self-reflection and teaches them strategies and skills that will make them shine and thrive in their jobs as well as in their personal lives. They will learn to build healthy working relationships with direct managers, and professional relationships with peers

Moreover, they will learn effective skills, behaviors and practical solutions that will enhance their ability to lead and influence others.

Coaching is an acquired skill that goes far beyond giving advice or managing. It is based on a dialogue tailored to bring out the best in the person and elicits them to come up with their own agendas, solutions, and plan to start doing things differently.

In current challenging and highly competitive times, it has become more difficult to enhance employee performance and motivation. With the emergence of "Coaching” as a service and its proven efficacy in creating more positive organizational climates, the benefits stretch from keeping employees engaged, to growing, and to being excited to contribute further as team members. In this workshop, participants will understand what is coaching, its fundamentals and its importance and acquire coaching skills to motivate and empower others.


The world we live in require continuous response to change, therefore, the team needs to adapt easily to changing conditions. In this workshop, the participant will develop the skills necessary to be an effective team leader and member. This workshop provides a successful team development process that facilitates the development of a new team or the revitalization of an existing team. It focuses on appreciating team members and the valuable skill set they bring to the group whilst recognizing the need to retain and capitalize on each individual’s thought process. Team leader will be able to identify non-team players and help them join their team.

The participant will learn to enhance the potential of his/her team to become more effective, productive, and committed. Participants will acknowledge the benefits of good group dynamics, and how it can positively impact business efficiency and decrease the amount of time lost as a result of both conflict and stress. This workshop will help attendees gain the confidence and ability to deal effectively with challenging team situations.

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