Mastering Marketing Tactics

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Mastering Marketing Tactics course is comprised of the following workshops (click each for more details):



Introducing pharmaceutical marketing aims to broadly provide marketing definitions and differentiate between marketing and selling concept. Participants will discuss & understand the new challenges and dynamics facing pharmaceutical marketing and the practical meaning of customers’ centricity. They will also be familiar of what competencies are needed to become a best in class marketer in pharmaceutical business.


Participants will be able to understand how to appropriately conduct an analysis to pre-defined market. The will discuss Political, Economic, Social, technological, Legal and Environmental factors that may have an impact on their business. They will also deep dive on how to conduct a quantitative performance analysis of the market they compete in to be able to set realistic yet challenging financial objectives later in their planning process. Participants will able to understand the importance of relying on insights and not information gathered from the market. Finally, they will work on mapping customers and competitors and be able to write a powerful patients’ Journey enabling them to segment the market and paving the way to proper uncovering of key opportunities.

Participants, using the patients Journey, will be able to segment the market based on different attributes. They will work on establishing a robust and dynamic SWOT analysis properly linking defined opportunities to internal Strengths and Weaknesses and external threats. They will finally be able to uncover winning opportunities and prioritize them after defining possible barriers and find ways to overcome them.

 After identifying winning opportunities, participants will learn how to set C-SMART marketing objectives, quantifying the objectives and setting proper timeline and needed steps. They will work on properly position their brand to win these opportunities using needed product differentiation. Participants will be able to set key strategic drivers, defining how to win these opportunities.


Moving to execution, participants will learn the basic of turning the "how” in the strategy into the "what” in the tactics. They will start building the offered value proposition and needed key promotional messages to be used in the campaign. They will learn the basics of developing promotional material. They will generate a full tactical map and identify the needed channels to convey robust messaging including digital marketing channels which may have strong impact in pharmaceutical marketing. Participants will also learn the basic principles of customers’ profiling (segmentation and targeting), setting customers’ potential and adoption levels, frequency of calls and assessing the needed capacity to execute properly. Finally, participants will work on setting proper measurement tools and well defined KPIs to measure execution milestones and performance outcomes including financial measurement (P&L). They will also understand the need of preparing a contingency plan in line of possible hurdles coming in the way of an execution excellence.

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