Leading with Impact


This is an inspiring four-day program essential for leaders, experienced managers, and executives who aspire to improve their professional performance, enabling them to effectively and efficiently lead their team and to gain practical skills and confidence in how to lead. The modules combine strong informative aspects with immersive practical exercise and workshops to empower participants to positively influence their mindsets, reaping impactful results for their teams, their organizations, and themselves.

The program covers five main modules that trigger a more positive attitude helping attendees to handle the many requirements and demands at the workplace in general and with team in specific.


Target Audience

Senior/ Experienced Managers and Executives

Leading with Impact Program Detailed Outline

Module I: Master your psychology

In this module, participants will become more empowered to be masters of their own psychology to deal with life’s hardship & stressful situations on the job. These situations are known to negatively affect productivity & satisfaction on both personal & professional levels. The workshop blends information on managing negative stressful states with practice of easy to use techniques to becoming more "mentally tough”. It is like an "emotional fitness class” that is taught nowhere else. Only when we become masters at regulating our negative emotions would we be able to lead others & achieve the results we aspire. By the end of the module, participants will be armed with a variety of  tools to remain in charge internally, so that they remain positively in charge externally as leaders.

Module II: Skillful Communication - Influence & Persuasion 

This module provides the guiding essentials of effective & positive communication skills. Participants will acquire knowledge on what’s necessary to influence & persuade. Many tips will be provided & practiced during the workshop to maintain harmonious relationships.

This module is divided into 2 sessions: Effective Communication with Influence and Persuasion and Compliance Tactics

A- Effective Communication with Influence

This module reviews the guidelines of effective communication and goes in depth in exploring ways of getting one’s point across to people with different "hot-buttons”. It explores concepts from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that shed light on how to best tailor one’s communication to each person based on how they "tick”. General concepts of para-linguistics (i.e. the choice of words in influence) will, also, highlight how to be a positive influencer. Many tips in better communication will arm participants with ways to provide feedback and get others aligned with them to achieve common goals and better results.

B- Persuasion and Compliance Tactics

This module explores how leaders can become better persuaders by improving their credibility and overcoming influence barriers. A leader usually "walks the talk” of needed change and inspires others to be aligned in doing the same. A leader is sensitive to group dynamics and understands how to use these effectively.

The module gives additional tips on setting teams to comply and be in positive motion to serve the organizational mission and vision with conviction. It’s the "cherry on top” of previous modules in terms of creating a special of kind of charisma and "personal brand” for greater positive influence.


Module III: Coaching Skills for Leaders

This module provides the basic coaching skills necessary for leaders to empower their teams and bring the best out of each. The benefits of adopting a coaching style stretch from keeping employees engaged, to growing, and to being excited to contribute further as team members. Ultimately the whole organization reaps added benefits.

The module explores how coaching is an acquired skill that is far from giving advice or managing. It is based on a dialogue tailored to make the person stretch out to their potential and elicits them to come up with their own agendas, solutions, and plan to start doing things differently. Coaching skills can be used for different purposes and situations like overcoming challenges, better performance, problem solving, career progression, goal setting and planning. When mastered, these skills brings out the most desired out of teams at the workplace.

Module IV: Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence describes the ability to understand one’s own feelings. It also provides great insight on how emotion influences motivation and behavior. 

With our Emotional Intelligence workshop, participants will gain a better understanding of self-management and self-awareness. This in turn will give them better insight and control over their actions and emotions. With a greater understanding of emotions, participants will experience a positive impact on their professional and personal lives, and acquire skills to connect with others and deeply understand them.

Moreover, participants will practice empathy building skills with emphasis on active listening through the GROW coaching model. They will assess the impact of different leadership styles and their associated competencies on organizational climate and bottom line results. 

 Module V: Leadership Journey

This workshop is designed for experienced managers, looking to sharpen their leadership capabilities, aspiring to learn more about themselves and interested in using their influencing skills to manage and lead others. The workshop takes the participants on a journey of self-discovery and self-reflection and teaches them strategies and skills that will make them shine and thrive in their jobs as well as in their personal lives. Participants will learn how to build healthy working relationships with their direct managers and learn how to lead them up, manage and develop their direct employees more effectively, and develop professional relationships with their peers and influence them the right way. In addition, participants will understand culture and become positive influencers within their organizations.


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