Negotiation & Conflict ManagementNov. 30 & Dec. 1

In order to succeed in a business environment and ensure constructive relations with other executives, employees, and external partners, negotiation and conflict management skills are necessary for modern executives. This workshop provides attendees with the necessary skills to be an effective negotiator and to constructively manage conflict both within your organization and with partners and clients. Managers attending the workshop will learn to recognize their own negotiation styles and conflict modes, as well as those of others they deal with on a daily basis. Further, they will be equipped with the tools and strategies necessary for dealing with daily business interactions and, in turn, maximizing the value of negotiations and building fruitful relations.

The delegates will learn to:

  • Recognize their default negotiation styles and conflict modes, as well as those of their co-workers, employees, and negotiation partners
  • Create and maximize value
  • Build long-lasting relations
  • Minimize the risk of conflict and learn how to effectively and constructively deal with it when it arises
  • Develop skills and tactics for dealing with difficult people, alleviating their concerns, and neutralizing contentious situations

Date & Time: November 30 & December 1 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM

To register, please call  +961-71-369333.

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