Pharmaceutical Marketing (in collaboration with AUB-CEC) November 9 & 10

Attendees will be exposed to an overview of marketing activities and players within a typical pharmaceutical company. It defines why marketing is needed and what marketers do, as well as how they interact with other internal and external stakeholders to achieve their goals. The workshop also discusses how marketers create promotional materials for various segments and the regulatory rules that must be followed, along with how marketers ultimately measure their success.

The delegates will:

  • Comprehend the value of marketing
  • Understand the psychology of the consumer decision making
  • Understand how marketers get their promotional materials to customers
  • Demonstrate awareness of regulatory guidelines which marketers must adhere to
  • Be aware of the shared responsibilities
  • Master implementation, measurement & monitoring

Date & Time: November 10 & 14 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM

To register, please call  +961-71-369333.

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