Workshops were established to meet the industry-specific skills of pharmaceutical professionals by developing and progressing their personal, business, managerial as well as sales and marketing competencies. The workshop usually extends over one or 2 days in which the subject is explained in an interactive approach. The workshops use a set of activities such as role plays, presentations, as well as cases presented in a challenging and engaging environment to develop hands-on knowledge about the subject.

Moreover, any of these workshops can be offered on-demand to companies looking for private training tailored to meet their specific needs. The content and delivery can be customized to cater to each company’s goals and the trainees’ development needs.

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Complete List of Workshops

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Budgeting and Finance

  • Forecasting and Budgeting

    Forecasting and budgeting are essential disciplines for a business to grow and survive in today’s dynamic environment. This workshop will provide participants with the necessary techniques and confidence to effectively manage and control their budget to be in line with the business’ overall strategy.

  • Finance for Executives

    This workshop allows non-financial executives to gain a greater understanding of the financial objectives of the organization and translate them into action in their corresponding functional area. In addition, this workshop will also help the attendees make better use of resources allocated to their divisions and sharpen financial skills and competencies for business success.

  • Budgeting Techniques

    This workshop enables participants to understand the relationship between financial planning, forecasting and budgeting within the strategic management process. It is ideal for executive level managers who are responsible for preparing or reviewing budgets, approve and manage reporting.

  • Advanced Forecasting and Budgeting

    By understanding the benefit of using both short-range and long-range analyses and forecasts, this workshop will show how effective advanced forecasting and budgeting can greatly affect the bottom line.

  • Finance for non-Financial Managers

    This workshop will equip the attendees with the confidence and skills needed to contribute to financial management within their organization by transforming financial and accounting concepts into decision-making tools they can utilize successfully in their day-to-day operations.

Business Skills

  • Data Analysis Techniques

    In this workshop, the attendees will learn to identify the most relevant information, make sense of seemingly contradictory facts, and come up with the best solutions. Candidates will be equipped with the tools necessary to analyze the data in their hands and thus be able to use it in order to make successful business decisions.

  • Developing Key Performance Indicators

    This workshop enables attendees to use a variety of performance management tools and techniques to understand, define, establish, report, activate and generate value through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) management.

  • Analytical Skills Development

    With interactive learning, combined with discussion, lecture, and case studies, this is your opportunity to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data you’re daily inundated with, so you can make decisions to the best advantage of your business and career.

  • Event Management

    This workshop will help the attendees understand the holistic approach of an event in terms of preparations, follow up, and feedback. Medical representatives will be exposed to different tools and exercises in order to assist them in their daily work activities related to events and their management.

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

    Through this workshop, participants will be able to identify where improvements need to be made, what are the needed potential innovative actions, and decide swiftly on the best solutions.


  • Readiness to Coach

    In this workshop, the participants will be able to assist their best performers to greater levels of success. Moreover, they will close the gaps between current & desired performers and outcomes.

  • Coaching the Coach

    This workshop will help managers raise their potential and level of performance and get the most out of their team. The delegates will enhance the potential of every employee to become more effective, productive and committed.

Conflict Management and Negotiation

  • Negotiation and Conflict Management

    This workshop provides attendees with the necessary skills to be an effective negotiator and to constructively manage conflict both within your organization and with partners and clients. Managers attending the workshop will learn to recognize their own negotiation styles and conflict modes, as well as those of others they deal with on a daily basis. Further, they will be equipped with the tools and strategies necessary for dealing with daily business interactions and, in turn, maximizing the value of negotiations and building fruitful relations.

  • Negotiation and Emotional Intelligence

    This workshop equips participants with powerful negotiation techniques that have maximum impact in daily negotiations with different parties (doctors, pharmacists…). It also provides them with tools and techniques for managing emotionally charged work situations.

  • Conflict Management

    This workshop will teach attendees the skills necessary to critically evaluate conflict situations and choose the appropriate strategies and tools to manage and/or resolve these conflicts. In addition, they will learn how to continually practice their new skills. Through a combination of interactive lectures, negotiation role-plays, and skill-building exercises, they will learn how to positively manage conflict in the work place and build contractive relations.

Human Resources

  • Human Resources in Perspective

    Human resource management has to develop innovative strategies to face the challenge of acquisition and retention of talent to sustain growth. In this workshop, attendees will learn the core components of the employee lifecycle including Job Analysis and Descriptions, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Performance Management, Remuneration and Compensation. The attendees will end up knowing how to benefit best from the HR department.

  • Successful Interviewing and Recruitment

    This workshop guides participants on how to structure the interview, spot exceptional candidates and hire only the best who will add value to their business.

Interpersonal Skills and Self Development

  • Advanced Performance under Pressure

    Chaos is becoming part of many organizations' reality. In this fast-paced workshop, participants will learn how to leverage a variety of easy-to-use tools and techniques to alleviate, clarify, and eliminate “controllable” chaos. They will discover how to apply these tools to their situation, develop a solid action plan to keep their head above water, make immediate improvements, and achieve measurable results.

  • Performing under Pressure

    This workshop illustrates to medical representatives how to focus their energies toward positive results. They will learn about the factors that hinder productivity and discover ways of mitigating such factors in them and in others.

  • Presentation Skills

    This workshop will illustrate to participants how to deliver a presentation, which is clear and convincing and above all memorable. Through practice and discussion and one-to-one coaching, they will develop their own unique presentation style and enhance their techniques for eliciting audience (doctors, colleagues, etc...) response and involvement.

  • Communication Skills

    The workshop will help participants build strong professional relationships at work, through which they can influence others to take the right actions. It will provide specific tools to use, so that participants can apply the principles they learn to their work and life.

  • Social Styles

    This workshop provides the participants with all the skills necessary to understand the relationship between basic needs and Social Styles to enable them to improve both their relationships and performance. The workshop also covers: Psychological Reciprocity, Relationship Tension, and Respect and Partnership.

Management and Leadership

  • Leadership for Executives

    This workshop gives the attendees the opportunity to learn how their behavior style impacts their overall performance as managers. They will take stock of their current assertiveness skills and learn how they can improve them for a more effective approach. Using the behavior modeling approach toward assertiveness, this workshop clarifies to them how to employ assertiveness skills to take control of a situation without alienating others.

  • Advanced Leadership

    This workshop teaches how to adopt a situational leadership style that results in heightened performance and improved productivity. The attendees will learn the situational leadership model and how to coach and council on the job; they will also acquire powerful tools to help them deal with conflict at all levels in the organization, discover techniques on how to be assertive communicators, acquire ways to properly receive and give feedback.

  • Leadership

    This workshop will help attendees recognize the different leadership styles, leadership attitudes, and what is their own style. They will learn to have impact on others with assertiveness, as well as gain greater understanding of a leader’s responsibilities and will offer them effective skills and practical solutions for successful leadership.

  • Team Building and Group Dynamics

    This workshop is designed to help new or already established teams collaborate in a more confident and relaxed atmosphere. It focuses on appreciating team members and the valuable skill set they bring to the group whilst recognizing the need to retain each individual’s thought process.


  • Effective Selling Skills

    Whether you are new at selling or a professional sales, this workshop will equip you with the selling techniques such as recognizing the Primary Buying Motivators of different customer types, and converting opportunities into sales. It contains many exercises, role plays, and guidelines to help the delegates master the sales skills and start applying their newly acquired knowledge to their professional lives.

  • Time and Territory Management

    Through taking a goal-focused approach, this workshop helps medical representatives to plan and increase their available time to productive work in order to cover all the customers in their territory.

  • Integrating Sales and Marketing Mindset

    This workshop is designed to enable participants to build and define a marketing and sales approach that will allow them to better reach and engage customers in the pharmaceutical market. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the buying psychology that motivates today’s prospective buyers.

  • Key Opinion Leaders Management

    Managing relations with KOLs has been always a challenging day-to-day interaction which should be coordinated and worked out at different corporate levels and processes. The delegates will Identify, prioritize, segment, profile and validate the right KOLs from all relevant geographies based on their involvement in journal publications, congresses, clinical trials and various affiliations.

  • Key Account Management

    The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the concept, process and planning of key accounts that will enable medical representatives to manage major accounts. It will allow participants to have a systematic approach to managing and growing an organization’s key customers to maximize value and achieve goals.

  • Adoption Ladder

    Adoption ladder training helps to maintain a logical sales dialogue with the doctor, designed to move him quickly to a more advanced stage in the adoption process. It helps the medical representatives in selecting and using the most appropriate promotional material and activities to advance the doctor’s behavior through the adoption ladder.

  • Pharmacy and Hospital Selling

    Attendees will leave this training workshop better equipped to develop presentations that meet their clients’ real needs, create a specific sales plan to achieve their sales goals, and influence the right buyers and close the sale with ease. The delegate will win the confidence and trust of prospective pharmacies and hospitals by learning as much as possible about their needs.

Strategic Management

  • Strategy

    This workshop provides comprehensive approaches to strategic planning, strategic management, performance measurement and target setting, initiative prioritization, performance information systems, and program evaluation.

  • Change Management

    This workshop is intended to provide senior managers and executives with the best approaches in dealing with different types of changes that may face organizations. It will include the best strategies to be implemented, how to plan a forthcoming change, implement it, deal with resistance and avoid pitfalls leading to potential failure.

  • Problem Solving and Strategic Thinking

    Delegates will address the complexity of seizing new opportunities while balancing risks with rewards through a variety of thinking processes that will enable them to build strategic thinking capabilities.

  • Market Access

    The main role of Market Access is to maintain an active intelligence of pricing trends and reimbursement/funding in the market in order to anticipate risks and opportunities.